Best Whole Beans For Espresso – Our Top 5 Picks

Drinking coffee in the morning can help you kick start your day. Coffee in the afternoon can wake up your senses, and coffee can help you relax in the evening. If you love coffee, we have our top five picks that we think are the best whole beans on the market for espresso. Fortunately, there are lots of variants you can choose from. Coffee beans are widely available on the market. So the coffee you make on your own can be as good as the coffee you buy at a café.

Going regularly to popular coffee shops can be expensive. So, why not brew your very own cup of coffee at home? You will be able to save money and ensure the quality of your coffee. You can even experiment with the taste and add other ingredients if you like. Brew your coffee and invite your friends over for a great hangout.


One of the best espresso beans today is the Lavazza whole bean super crema coffee. It is a premium blend of eighty per cent sweet arabica and twenty per cent robustas that produce an intense and rich flavour with a thick espresso cream that goes well with lattes and cappuccinos. You may also use super crema with other brewing methods to obtain a rich and flavorful coffee that everyone will surely love.

The Lavazza whole bean coffee is a fine blend of smooth Brazilian coffees, delicate sweet Indonesian varieties, and Central American milds. This coffee is sure to deliver a long-lasting taste and a velvety crema. What’s more, its aroma will entice you and make you crave more. The Lavazza coffee beans are not like any other. They are perfect in colour, medium to dark brown, and roasted uniformly.

When you grind these beans, You will fill your kitchen with their aroma. The smell and the taste are both delicious. If you do not have much experience with coffee, it is good to remember that beans that do not release aroma when ground no longer contain oils and have been over-roasted. So if you want a good cup of coffee made with the perfect beans, you should try Lavazza.

Coffee Bean Direct

Coffee Bean Direct espresso whole beans coffee is also highly recommended. The coffee is immediately roasted to retain freshness before being packaged. To bring out a more intense flavour Coffee Bean use a slow roast; perhaps one of the reasons their whole bean is one of their most popular products. You can ensure that the coffee beans are one hundred per cent pure.

Coffee Bean Direct has been in business since 2004. The company is known to deliver a variety of fair trade and organic coffee beans, single-origin beans, proprietary blends, unique tea blends, and flavoured coffees. Moreover, the company is a leading supplier of unroasted green coffee beans. Coffee bean direct espresso whole bean coffee is a fine blend of Italian roasted beans that are black and oily. It is so rich in flavour; you can use it for espresso or iced coffee.

For a very reasonable price, you will be able to enjoy delicious and flavorful coffee. Dark beans that are not over-roasted. You will still see the oils on the coffee beans when you open up a bag. Do not worry about having bitter coffee because the beans taste great. There are also no additives included. The coffee beans are naturally dark and flavorful – providing a smooth, affordable, and high-quality coffee.

Kicking Horse Coffee

If you are all about fair trade, you will be glad to know that Kicking Horse coffee is the number one organic fair trade coffee in Canada. This whole bean coffee is certified organic and fair trade. It is also one hundred per cent guaranteed to be delicious. The smooth blend is exceptional, rich, and sweet, just like cocoa. It is a favourite among many coffee lovers in America, Africa, and Indonesia.

Eight O’clock Coffee

You can also try Eight O’clock Coffee. It is another original espresso blend of whole beans that have been well-liked for a century and a half. You can be sure that you will get rich, exciting, and flavorful coffee beans with every bag. The flavour is original and distinct. If you taste it for the first time, you may think that it is from one of those famous and expensive coffee shops.

Eight O’clock Coffee is an excellent alternative to those expensive coffee beans you buy in cafés. They may be better despite being less expensive. A lot of coffee lovers can testify that this coffee is consistent in aroma and freshness. Brewing your coffee will give you a sense of contentment and comfort. In the morning or on a rainy, a cup of this coffee will surely enlighten your day.

San Francisco Bay Coffee

Furthermore, you can try the San Francisco Bay Coffee WholeBean Decaf Espresso Roast. It is a rich and full-bodied coffee that’s perfect for espresso or just regular coffee. What’s more, it does not contain any caffeine, so you can drink your coffee in the evening and not worry about not being able to sleep. This coffee features a unique custom blend that is richer and more flavorful than any other coffee.

San Francisco Bay Coffee is also repeatedly inspected before, during, and after roasting to make sure that it is perfect. It is also fair trade, so you can rest assured that your coffee is grown responsibly. This gourmet coffee is delicious and available in different variants. The price is also reasonable, so you do not have to go over your budget. You can have a delightful cup of coffee that is as good as branded and overpriced coffee for less.

If you like espresso, you will be delighted at the taste of San Francisco Bay coffee because it is not very strong yet it is very flavorful. Once you tasted this coffee, you may no longer be interested in going to your favourite coffee shop. This coffee is premium and fair trade. You will not go wrong with it.

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