making latte art of cappuccino

How to Make Cappuccino and Latte At Home

Having a freshly brewed cappuccino from home can be very tasty and beautiful. Have you ever tried making your own cappuccino or latte from home? If you haven’t, you surely are missing out because these are great and taste much better when you make them yourself. They can be simple drinks but how can you make them from home?

How to Begin

First of all, you should note that cappuccinos and lattes are very easy to make and very similar as well. You will need to have a good filter at hand; so take your coffee beans and ensure they are worked down to a very fine ground. You want a smooth texture for the beans in order to get the latte and cappuccino taste. So, once you have smoothed out your beans and placed the filter into your coffee machine, you need to place your espresso cup underneath the filter.

This is basic stuff here so nothing to get too stressed out about.

Though, now you want to start steaming your milk. The temperature can vary but usually it’s quite hot, you could try around one hundred and thirty or forty degrees in order to get that café taste. Again, the temperature can vary according to your needs.

Brewing the Cappuccino

You really do want to get a good amount of foam because this is what makes your drink a cappuccino. So, to ensure the foam becomes present in the milk, you will want to take your milk pitcher and leave it at an angle. You can just hold it slightly at an angle so that while the milk is being heated, it brings the steam out and creates the foam.

Once this is completed, you should add milk into your cup – this should be at least two thirds of the cup. Now, you can add your foam and there you have it, you have a great cappuccino. That wasn’t too difficult to make and you are left with a flavorsome drink.

Brewing a Latte

When you are creating a latte, it works the exact same as the cappuccino, however, there is one difference. There is no foam. So, when you want to make your latte, you really do the same as what you would do with a cappuccino except you wouldn’t add the foam. You still get a great tasting drink and it wasn’t too difficult to create.

making latte art of cappuccino

Don’t Be Afraid To Make Your Own

Creating your own lattes or cappuccinos can be great and so very simple as well. You really do not need to do a lot of work in order to create a lovely drink and whether you want a latte or cappuccino, they are so simple to make. You will love making these and once you know how to make these from home, you will want to make them time and time again. Really, and you can even try to add your own unique styles and twists to the traditional lattes if you really wanted to. Whatever you want to do, you can and you will enjoy the taste so much with your lovely coffee drinks.

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