Italian Ground Coffee Brands – Our Quick Review

In Italy, preparing a good cup of coffee is more of an art form than anything else. Dozens of coffee companies have tried to replicate the way Italians roast and prepare their coffee. But time has shown only a few have succeeded in capturing the authenticity of a great cup of Italian coffee. Today we have a quick review of ground coffee from a couple of Italian brands.

When it comes to Italian blends, there are only a few brands that come to mind that have successfully brought a taste of Italy to homes worldwide. The competition in this segment of the market is touch. Patrons of Italian coffee are often connoisseurs who know the difference between a good and average cup of coffee. Many of the best Italian coffee brands are made in Italy; however, some brands from other countries, such as the US, have been able to decipher the complexities of this rich, bold coffee blend and put them together into one perfect cup. Here are just a couple of the best brands that produce Italian blend coffee products:

Lavazza Crema e Gusto Ground Coffee – Italian Espresso

Lavazza is one of the finest brands when it comes to Italian espresso roasts. Whether it is whole coffee beans or pre-ground ones, people have come to expect a certain level of quality from one of the world’s most well-known Italian coffee brands. One of Lavazza’s best coffee blends is the Crema e Gusto Italian Espresso. This coffee blend is pre-ground and vacuum-packed into 8.8-ounce bricks and sold in packs of 2, 4, 6, 8, and 12, making it perfect for special occasions or as an everyday pick me up. The beans are ground especially for use with espresso machines, but some people have successfully prepared this blend with French presses and standard coffee makers.

The Crema e Gusto Italian Espresso ground coffee is a dark roast coffee with the bold flavour expected of espresso. Still, it is milder and less acidic than other espresso coffee grinds sold under the Lavazza brand. As Lavazza is a brand imported from Italy, it is fair to expect a bigger price tag than Italian blends made in the US or other parts of the world. However, the finished product is comparable to espresso shots one can get at a coffee shop, so the convenience of having authentic Italian espressos at home is definitely a value-added bonus for this product.

Barista Prima Coffeehouse Dark Roast Extra Bold K-Cup for Keurig Brewers – Italian Roast Coffee

Who says you can only make great Italian coffee in Italy? There are other great brands out there that can produce Italian blends, and the Italians do. One of them is Barista Prima Coffeehouse. The company produces single-serve capsules for use with Keurig K-Cup brewers. A best seller is their Italian Roast, which boasts bold and rich flavours, with a smokiness other roasts don’t have. The coffee also offers a hint of berries and fruit, giving it a smooth and sweet feel in the mouth.

The best part about it is the ease of making a cup of great Italian roast coffee. Since it comes in single-serve K-Cups, all one needs to do is pop it into a Keurig brewer. After a couple of minutes, one can enjoy the full, robust flavour of genuine Italian roast coffee. The price isn’t that bad at all, at less than a dollar per cup. The downside, however, is that one must have a Keurig brewer to enjoy this excellent coffee blend.

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