K-Cup Alternatives – A Few Suggestions

Have you tried a k-cup before? Do you have any experience with Keurig, or are you too afraid to try these out? Whatever your reasons, there are just so many different coffees to choose from, which can get confusing. You want to try them all, and the Keurig servings can be great coffees but are there any alternatives for the k-cup?

There Are Many Alternatives to a K-Cup

Many people don’t know that there are lots of great coffee varieties in the K cup form. This means that no matter what sort of coffee you like, you really can find it without too much trouble. However, this is great because if you want to mix and match the coffees you are drinking, or your spouse wants a particular variety, you can find it.

Single Serve Coffees Aplenty

For a very long time, only one or two options were available when it came to single-serve coffees. However, there are more and more choices available today. It’s true, there are lots, and you could choose to make your own k cup alternatives. If you want the perfect K cup, you could fill your own as there are many refillable K cup options around.

These refillable options have been very popular, in fact, and a great alternative to the usual K cups. Many fit most Keurig machines anyway which means that you can use these in your machine from home. You could even choose Solo Fill.

Use Recyclable K-Cup Alternatives

You could choose many recyclable units, such as the Rogers Family Coffee One Cup. You can recycle these pods, making them much more environmentally friendly and good for the pocket. However there are lots more available to choose from and whether you go for ones that can be easily recycled or not, there are lots of great options to consider. What is more, the One Cups are pretty good, and they do offer a great alternative to the K Cup.

Go For Branded Coffee

You know, you could actually choose supermarket type coffees or those which are considered to be big brand names. Many of them, such as Maxwell, Folgers, and even some superstores, make many of these coffees available in the K cup varieties.

You can find many single serve k cups available from many superstores, which is excellent, especially if you are looking for a few alternatives. And because you can blend these with other coffees and get the most for your money today.

Lots of Choice

In the end, there are lots of choices when it comes to Keurig alternatives and their k-cup. While you may find Keurig isn’t for you, you may love one of the many alternatives. However, you never truly know what type of coffee you are going to love unless you try. So why not have fun trying out some new coffees today? You never know; you might find your perfect k cup.

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