Make Cappuccino at Home – Quick and Simple

Having a freshly brewed cappuccino from home can be very tasty and beautiful. Have you ever tried making your cappuccino or latte from home? If you haven’t, you surely are missing out because these are great and taste much better when you make them yourself. They can be simple drinks, but how can you make them from home?

What You Will Need


Two tablespoons of fine grind coffee beans. Grind your own beans or buy pre-ground. As we mention below, we prefer the latter.


Four ounces of water. You can use plain old tap water, but we prefer using distilled. And if you would like to use the frugal man’s distilled water, boil the kettle, let the water cool and then transfer the water to a heat-tempered jug. Let the jug sit on the kitchen bench and you have distilled water on tap, for the price of boiling the kettle. Ok, a purification system would be better, but the kettle approach works pretty well.


Four ounces of milk. We tend to use full-fat milk. It adds more body to the coffee and certainly provides a better taste. In particular when you are using distilled or purified water.

The Coffee Grind – From Whole Bean or Pre-Ground

First, you should note that cappuccinos and lattes are very easy to make and very similar. You will need to have a good filter at hand, so take your coffee beans and create a fine grind (the usual grind size for espresso-based drinks). You want a smooth texture for the beans to get the latte and cappuccino taste. So, once you have smoothed out your beans and placed the filter into your coffee machine, you need to place your espresso cup underneath the filter.

We don’t have a coffee bean grinder at home – fuss I’m not bothered with. So we prefer buying the pre-ground beans, something like Contemp which is a dark roast, fine grind. This is perfect for the cappuccino or late at home.

Milk Frothing

Next, we move onto steaming your milk. The temperature can vary but should usually be around 60 to 70 degrees Celsius (or 140 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit). You will work out the best temperature to use, but you can’t go wrong if you use something in this range.

You want to get a good amount of foam because this is what makes your drink a cappuccino. So, to ensure the foam becomes present in the milk, you will want to tilt the milk pitcher. Hold the pitcher at an angle, so while the milk is heating, it brings the steam out and creates the foam.

Brewing the Cappuccino

Once the milk heating is done, add it to your cup – this should be at least two-thirds of the cup. Now, you can add your foam and there you have it, you have a great cappuccino. That wasn’t too difficult to make, and you are left with a flavoursome drink.

Brewing a Latte

When you are creating a latte, it works the same as the cappuccino. However, there is one difference. There is no foam. So, when you want to make your latte, you do the same as what you would do with a cappuccino, except you wouldn’t add the foam – or at least only add a small amount. Whereas a cappuccino is equal parts espresso, foam and steamed milk.

And remember, for a latte, it’s steamed milk first, then a small topping of foam followed by the espresso last. This approach helps you achieve the pretty layers that make the drink quite attractive and a must for serving it in a glass coffee cup.

Don’t Be Afraid To Make Your Own

Creating your own lattes or cappuccinos can be great and so very simple as well. You do not need to do a lot of work to create a lovely drink, and whether you want a latte or cappuccino, they are so simple to make. You will love making these, and once you know how to make these from home, I’m sure they will become a regular serving. Really, and you can even try to add your unique styles and twists to the traditional lattes. Whatever you want to do, you can, and you will enjoy the taste so much with your lovely coffee drinks.

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