Modern Square Coffee Table – Our Thoughts

A square coffee table is one of the essential pieces of furniture that you must-have for your living room. This stylish table would surely bring the kind of elegance that you have always wanted for your home. The perfect symmetry that comes with every square coffee table, modern or not, will enhance the beautiful aesthetics of its surroundings, regardless of the motif of the room it is in. You can have these square coffee tables in your living room, covered patio, or covered balcony overlooking your gorgeous green lawn and flourishing garden.


There is a broad range of models and designs of square coffee tables to choose from. You can settle for the simple yet elegant style, which would fit any room. Usually, these square coffee tables are made of solid wood and are ideal for an office or home living lounge. Some feature metal inlays, like finished copper or bronze, that add to their beauty and charisma.

Solid Wood

If you prefer a more trendy look, you could try tables made of solid wood and glass top combination. These types of square coffee tables are ideal for intimate areas like family rooms or home living lounges. Most of the frames of these square coffee tables have a black satin finish, with floating tempered safety glass topping, for maximum strength. While with home interiors in mind, it can also perfectly complement the surroundings of your office. Usually, their depth and width come in a symmetrical size of thirty-five inches, while the height is generally around fifteen inches. If you prefer a more stylish look, you can go for a black glass top to complement your coffee table.

Metal and Chrome

For homes and offices with a contemporary motif, square coffee tables with metal, chrome, and glass combination would be ideal. This type of square coffee table is bursting with a charming appeal that most homeowners love. A beautifully designed glass top caps the shiny chrome legs and frame. You can either settle for the clear glass top or opt for unique and eye-catching glass etchings or print that is sure to cheer up the room it is in.

Daffodil Square Coffee Table

I bought a Daffodil square coffee table from Homelegance a couple of months ago and made it the centre table of my living room sofa set. This simple yet very functional piece of furniture became the topic of conversation on several occasions. I was so happy with my Daffodil square coffee table that I bought another one for my covered patio. If you are in the market for a new coffee table, I highly recommend considering this square coffee table. You will be happy with this product.

Final Thoughts

We trust this quick review of our ideas and thoughts regarding the modern square coffee table has been helpful. We have a couple of other articles looking at these tables you may also like to read. The first article looks at round tables (I know, we are pushing the boat out on this website). And the second article is for our more frugally minded readers, as we look at pine tables.

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