Modern Round Coffee Table

Round Coffee Table

One of the best coffee tables available in the market today is the round coffee table. It brings the kind of elegance that immediately harmonizes with the aesthetics of the area where it is placed. The perfectly round design of this particular coffee table makes it an ideal choice for a living room centerpiece that would definitely enhance the surroundings of the room. You can also position this type of coffee table between the couch and the armchair, making it an ideal furniture piece where you can put your cup of tea or coffee down while having an intimate conversation.

Round coffee tables have been gaining popularity among American homeowners today. This is because they exude the kind of classic charm that really appeals to the eye. Round coffee tables come in a broad range of style and design. Some of them have the sole purpose of being just a coffee table while others have features that extend their functionality. One of such is the contemporary two-tone finish round coffee table with drawer by AtHomeMart.

This type of round coffee table blends an artistic masterpiece with great functionalities. Its gentle and flawless curves bespeaks of quality handiwork that can only be done by a master craftsman. In fact, if placed in a living room, this round coffee table is sure to immediately catch the eye of anyone who visits your home. Made of hardwood material, its polished and deep colored walnut finish adds to the already exquisite beauty that this table possesses.

This contemporary two-tone finish round coffee table comes with useful storage drawers where you could store your favorite magazines that you or your visitors would surely love to read while having a delicious cup of coffee or tea. These drawers are equipped with sturdy and stylish pewter finished drawer pulls, which add to the beauty and grace of this round coffee table. It also has a bottom shelf where you can place your beloved photo albums.

It comes with a dimension of forty inches in length and width, while its height is at twenty inches, making it a perfect coffee table where you can enjoy lighthearted or intimate moments with friends and family. While it is true that this round coffee table normally comes unassembled, putting it together will not be too much of an effort.

Modern Round Coffee Table

I bought a contemporary two-tone finish round coffee table with drawer from AtHomeMart a couple of months ago upon recommendation by a friend. At first, I was a little bit skeptical but when I finally saw this round coffee table, I immediately fell in love with it. This particular coffee table has all the features I always wanted and it even has features that expand its function.

There is absolutely nothing that can make me part with my round coffee table. This two-tone finish round coffee table is so beautiful that I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to have an exquisite coffee table.

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