What is Gourmet Coffee? It May Surprise You

The term “gourmet coffee” gets thrown around a lot, and it’s hard to determine which product deserves this label. Many of these so-called gourmet blends rely more on the flavourings added into the mix to make the drink special; rather than focusing on what’s truly important in – the beans.

Avid coffee drinkers know that the best gourmet blends are made purely with arabica beans; on the other hand, just because a blend is 100% arabica, it doesn’t mean it is gourmet. Although there are no concrete standards to determine what is gourmet and what is not, the true test is in the quality of the actual bean, it’s growing, and the roasting process.

Examples of what we consider gourmet are the rare arabica varieties that you see growing in specific conditions, such as the Kona coffee beans of Hawaii and Jamaica’s Blue Mountain coffee beans. If not appropriately roasted or mixed with other lesser quality beans, these beans lose their distinct flavour. And therefore can no longer become gourmet. Here is one blend that deserves the word “gourmet” written on its label.

Dallmayr Gourmet Coffee – Prodomo (Ground)

From cars to coffee, the Germans make sure they do everything right. This is evident with every cup of Dallmayr Prodomo coffee. Aside from using 100% arabica beans, this remarkable blend is a medium roast. The coffee is put through special refining to remove irritants and to reduce bitterness. It also has relatively low acidity as compared to other gourmet blends.

Dallmayr vacuum packs the beans for freshness. And when you open the pack, an intense coffee aroma escapes, so you know you are getting high-quality coffee. Each bag comes with two 250-gram vacuum packs, so having an airtight container is a must once the pack is open.

Gourmet Instant Coffees?

Another misconception about coffee quality is that instant coffee is not gourmet because of its granulation process. While these types of coffees are often inferior to whole beans or grinds selling in the market today, many of these instant products are gourmet because of the quality of the beans and the care put into processing them. They often retain their full-body and rich flavour very well. Here is an example of one of the best coffee blends in the instant form, Organo Gold.

Organo Gold Gourmet Latte

Café latte is one of the most popular coffee beverages today because of its blend of richness, creaminess, and sweetness. It is also one of the easiest concoctions to process into an instant coffee mix. Organo Gold may sound like just another fancy instant coffee mix that one can buy at the grocery store. There’s something more to it than meets the eye.

Unlike other instant coffee blends that use 100% robusta or a combination of robusta and arabica coffee, Organo Gold uses only 100% premium arabica beans in its coffee mixes. This gives consumers the same rich and creamy taste of a café latte from a coffee shop without the fuss. Organo Gold also infuse Ganoderma into the coffee to give their consumers a healthier way to make coffee every morning. Ganoderma is a medical mushroom that has uses in treating high blood pressure, high blood sugar and other medical conditions,

Of course, it is still instant coffee, and although Organo Gold is one of the best coffee brands in the instant coffee market, many people brewing their own coffee may not be too happy with it.

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